After working for many years in various parts of Australia, Asia and Central America as a teacher, lecturer and researcher of language, Kerry’s unrelenting passion for language and communication now finds her a privately practicing Speech Pathologist of more than 10 years.  Throughout her journey, she has acquired a deep knowledge of literacy development, and of both language acquisition and language loss.  She also has a personal and professional interest in stuttering and aphasia rehabilitation.

Today, Kerry is found at the Speechie Spot, in Pathways to Expression. She meets with clients of all ages and backgrounds, partnering with individuals and their families to not only set personalized, achievable goals to address difficulties in the areas of communication and swallowing, but to work alongside clients in therapy and thorough consultation to see targets met.

Kerry’s caseload spans from short-term assessments to meeting with long-term clients in order to maintain their progression toward their goals.  Her years in the Speech Pathology field has seen Kerry work with children and adults of all ages across a wide range of needs, such as speech/language/social skill deficits, literacy deficits and learning disorders, neurological impairments, and swallowing disorders.

All appointments are individualized  to ensure the client's needs and goals are met.
Kerry is also accredited to deliver the following programs:
LSVT® LOUD Program
Hanen® It Takes Two to Talk
The Listening Program®
The Lidcombe Program®

Kerry maintains CERTIFIED PRACTICING SPEECH PATHOLOGIST status in her registration with Speech Pathology Australia.

If you would like to learn more about what Kerry, or would like to book a consultation, check out The Speechie Spot or call

Pathways to Expression on (07) 3261 2909 

Kerry Townley-O'Neill

Speech Pathology

Clare Janbroers

If you would like to know more about working with Clare, check out The Speechie Spot or call Pathways to Expression on (07) 3261 2909 

A 3rd Year Speech Pathology Student at the Australian Catholic University (ACU), Clare is joining us as an Allied Health Assistant (AHA). Working under the direction of our Speechies, Clare is here to ensure that clients get the most out of their therapy sessions by offering continued support sessions between Clinician appointments. Sessions with Clare will be available both in person and online via Zoom.

While AHAs aren’t a replacement for speech pathologists, we

believe that Clare will really add value to our clients’ therapy journeys by making the outcomes of service delivery more efficient, effective and lasting. Consistency is key, and Clare is here to help our clients build up and keep momentum outside of therapy sessions with their Speechie.

Continuing her university studies, Clare has found subjects around linguistics and phonetics, and speech and language for both paediatric and adult clients particularly enjoyable to explore. Prior to joining us here at The Speechie Spot, she also worked as a childhood educator in a primary school setting.

When she is not working or studying, you can find Clare enjoying the outdoors, climbing mountains and soaking in the sun at the beach, or cooking up a delicious meal in the kitchen! Clare comes form a large family and appreciates the importance of close family interaction and involvement.

If you would like to find out if sessions with Clare are an appropriate option for you, please feel free to speak to your Speechie – she will be glad to discuss this with you!