Your local Communication Health Hub!

Join our team! Are you a health or education professional looking for a new space for your private practice?  Pathways to Expression is a community of complimentary Allied Health professionals working with families in the North Brisbane area.  If you believe that your profession could be an asset to our Communication Health Hub, we would love to hear from you. Contact us for further details about our professional community and room availability.

Wishing you a wonderful and safe Holiday Season! See you in 2022!

In a world where the climbing demands to do and be better relentlessly badger us and our children, especially when there are so many conflicting opinions to be heard, it's no wonder why treatable concerns can quickly overwhelm!

Our Allied Health Professionals stand to demystify development and support individuals and families to rise to meet the challenges of daily life.  We aim to see developmental and acquired obstacles overcome, and believe that our role is to make it easier for individuals to travel towards a faithful expression to who they are.

Child Psychology Assessments Now Available

We are excited to announce that Wendy Rogers from Advanced Results has joined our team part-time to conduct various psychology assessments.  Miss Wendy has an extensive background as a teacher and psychologist.

For more information, call us on (07) 3261 2909.