Madeline graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993.  Since then, her Occupational Therapy practice has been primarily working with children, with a particular focus on learning difficulties and developmental  delays.  Madeline has worked as an Occupational Therapist in the United States of America, Turkey and Australia.

She has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma - Education, whichenables her to link therapy and developmental goals witheducational curriculum expectations.

Her areas of interest and ongoing professional development include:


Child Development

School Readiness

Postural Control

Energy Levels

Resilience in Children

Providing therapy for the healthy development of children in our rapidly changing world, MAdeline focuses on empowering children ages 0-15 years to reach their full potential. working collaboratively with families and other people in the child's life.  Madeline is a strong advocate of children balancing their time in front of screens with time playing outside where they ignite all of their senses.  At work and through her own children, she sees the joy in children's eyes as they rise up to meet the challenges that nature provides.

Madeline started Jump Up For Kids to help support children and families to develop in dependence and resilience in their daily lives.  Jump Up For Kids brings together Madeline's Occupational Therapy, teaching and parenting experience to offer children a 'just right' experience in a world that often feels hurried and stressed.

Madeline Avci

Occupational Therapy

Great Ways To Grow!

If you would like to know more about Madeline's Occupational Therapy service or would like to book a consultation, check out Jump Up for Kids or call Pathways to Expression on

(07) 3261 2909.